Usuki Stone Buddha Statues

Carved on natural cliff, Usuki Stone Buddha Statues stands at Usuki City in Oita.
The number of these stone Buddha statues and the carving
level are all the one of representative stone Buddha statues in Japan.

There are over 60 statues and 59 of them are designated as national treasures in 1995.
Each face of the statues is different and unique.
Staring at their calm faces makes us feel peaceful deep down.

The image on the left shows the grandest Fire Festival in the west of Japan
which is held nearby the Buddha statues.
It is called ‘National Treasure - Usuki Stone Buddha Statues Fire Festival’.
On this festival, the citizens light 1000 fire torches at night.
The burning fire light up the sky whole night.
The faces of these statues are different from the ones in daytime if you look at them through the fire.

Usuki City provides volunteer guides for tourists. They would
explain the stone Buddha statues for you, but in Japanese only.

There are souvenir shops and restaurants near the statues,
where you can enjoy dishes using the fresh local products such as the famous Usuki blowfish.
One of the restaurants called Sekibutsu-kaikan serves Usuki Fugu Don (blowfish-on-rice dish) for tourists.
When summer comes, a plenty of lotus around the statues will bloom, adding colors to the countryside.
In addition, in times of special season, you are able to eat spectacular foods made of lotus.
Usuki Stone Buddha Statues